A note from El catrin // Thursday, November, 5

Please be advised that a single member of our team has tested positive for Covid-19. The employee’s last day of work was Friday, October 30 and the employee wore a Level 3 mask at all times while at El Catrin. The employee tested for the virus on Wednesday, November 4th, and received results today (Thursday, November 5th).

Upon receiving this news today, we immediately contacted Toronto Public Health (TPH) for further direction. TPH informed us that based on the circumstances of this event we are not required to make this information public nor take any action due to the precautions already in place. However, we at El Catrin have made the decision to go above and beyond TPH recommendations by making this announcement to inform the public of this single positive case and to let you know of the measures that we have taken in response.

In order to be proactive and prepared, El Catrin employs cohort scheduling, with two completely separate service and kitchen teams. Out of an abundance of caution, the team who worked with the affected employee will not return to El Catrin until Tuesday, November 11 (the end of a 10 day isolation period).

We want you to know that El Catrin is continuing to prioritize the health and safety of our guests, our teams and their families, our suppliers, partners and extended communities, by meeting and exceeding the 

instruction and guidance of local government and official public health organizations.

We’re confident that the extraordinary measures we have been taking to create and maintain a safe environment are what allows us to continue welcoming guests.

Our efforts include:

👉🏽 daily professional disinfectant spraying of all soft, vertical and high touch point surfaces;
👉🏽 level 3 surgical masks provided to staff;
👉🏽 cohort scheduling to reduce the crossover of staff across all our venues;
👉🏽 and more.

We also want to extend our deep and most sincere thanks to our guests for their generosity, support and trust as we reopened from the darkest days of the hospitality industry.

Please know that our teams are working hard to get this right. What’s at stake is not lost on us; indeed, it is what is driving us.

Thank you so much for your continued support of our people and their livelihoods.

With gratitude,

El Catrin



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