This is what you need to know about El Catrin

We serve authentic traditional and modern Mexican cuisine with an ambitious wide-ranging tapas-style menu.

The menu allows you to sample a variety of different flavours and textures from the diverse regions of Mexico.

We have the  #1 patio in the city  and its heated.

Canada's best restaurant design firm was retained to deliver our incredible  award-winning atmosphere.

It took three Mexican artists almost 100 days to create the city's most awesome mural. (The artist,  Oscar Flores, is maybe the coolest guy in all of Mexico.)

The team is dedicated to creating a totally fun atmosphere, with caring above and beyond service, to produce transportive dining.

The cocteles (aka cocktails) are off the hook. We have  the best margaritas in the city. And Canada's largest mescal and tequila bar with over 120 different labels.

El Catrin is an experience, not just a meal.



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